MoCo Services and Rebuilds

The business was created in 1995 with the primary objective to rebuild and service stacker systems. MoCo has built its reputation based on these rebuilds and service work. This has been our core effort from back then, through today.

As a group, we have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge related to lumber stacking equipment. While out on rebuilds and service calls, we are the people that turn the wrenches and run the grinders. From this; we have learned the right way to design stackers and definitely the wrong way! Because of this we now manufacture the "PREMIER" stacker in the industry. We will continue to offer rebuilds and service work on other manufactures products well into the foreseeable future. It has proven to be the ultimate real life research and development lab. We make it a point to learn from our field work and design products based on our findings.

Another important aspect of rebuilding and servicing other manufactures equipment is that we have found that when it comes time for the customer to purchase a new piece of equipment, we are first in line. They already know that they can trust us and that we know what we are doing. Nothing is more important than trust!


All of our customers have access to our personal cellular phones which are kept on around the clock. We always offer "FREE" phone support day or night. Unlike some of our competitors, we never want our customers to feel reluctant to call us for help. We want to be the people that are there for you when you need help.

Upgrades and parts for Lunden Stacker

MoCo is well known in the industry for supplying upgrades and parts for Lunden stacker owners. We currently employ nine individuals that were formerly employed by Lunden Industries prior to the closure of its facility in Spokane, Washington. We have extensive experience with these stackers and understand what it takes to make them perform to their highest capacity. We have performed over forty major stacker rebuilds on Lunden style stackers. We have a long list of very satisfied customers that we have performed modifications to their stacking systems and we encourage potential customers to contact our current and former customers in order to gauge for themselves the effect that our upgraded parts may have on their stacking systems.

These are just a few examples of PARTS for Lunden Stackers that we can provide:

These are just a few examples of UPGRADES for Lunden Stackers that we can provide:

All the upgrade packages are designed to be far superior in both reliability and function than the original components supplied with the equipment. We will not refer to it as an upgrade if we can't prove that it is a better design than what was originally supplied with the system.


In addition to the parts and upgrades that we supply for Lunden stackers, we also provide operator and maintenance training. We perform many service calls where we provide the mill with a detailed break down of the condition of there equipment. We also work closely with the mill personnel to educate them on the proper set-up and timing of the stacker system.