MoCo Products

MoCo takes great pride in designing, manufacturing, and servicing our high quality products. We stand behind our entire line of equipment and strongly believe that if we can provide our customer with a high quality piece of equipment that generates a greater income for them, we will become increasingly more successful. It is our goal to gain your complete confidence and satisfaction with common sense engineering solutions, technological ingenuity, and responsive customer service.

Stickering Stackers

Our systems are able to handle a very large variety of stickers. We realize that there is a tremendous amount of money invested by the mill into their sticker inventory. Because of this, we have devoted a large amount of our time and effort to develop and patent our stick transfer system to be capable of handling poor quality stickers. With our patented stick transfer system, we claim to be able to handle a poorer quality stick than any of our competitors that manufacture automated stickering stackers. We have had customers report back to us that the stacker has paid for itself in sticker savings alone!

The stickers may range in length from 48" to as long as 120". The patented sticker transfer system also enables us to easily cater to custom stick spacing. For example; we have designed and built stackers for the hard wood industry that accurately places eight foot long sticks on one foot centers. It also allows us to easily design stackers based on metric spacing for overseas customers.

Stick Placement

With our stackers the sticker is placed into a stick pan located along side each stacking fork. The stick is positioned so that the top of the stick is above the top of the stacking fork. As the fork rises to lift the lumber from the stacker transfer chains, the stick is locked into position by the lumber. With this stick laying process, we are able to consistently place our stickers within a ½" deviation of a vertical column throughout the stacked unit. This allows us to accurately position sticks near the ends of each lumber length. This greatly reduces lumber degrade due to checking and other defects caused by improper stick positioning.

Built to Last

MoCo takes great pride in manufacturing products that are designed from the very start to last longer and require less maintenance than most other comparable equipment. We focus on maximizing "uptime".


Because of our extensive experience with stickering stacking systems we have developed a sticker accumulation system that we feel is far superior to any other system currently on the market. Customers of this system have been quoted as saying: "This system truly is automatic and hassle free".


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