About MoCo

MoCo Engineering and Fabrication Inc. was established in 1995 because of the growing need for greater customer support in the lumber industry. Erik Humble and Chuck Moles, the company founders and principals, started the company with the goal to create a business based on customer service. With this goal in mind, MoCo has since grown to be the industry leader in the lumber handling industry, specializing in lumber stackers and related equipment.

MoCo has assembled a very talented staff that is devoted to producing and supporting high quality equipment. Nine individuals at our facility were formerly employed by Lunden Industries, designing and manufacturing similar lumber handling equipment. MoCo's knowledgeable staff is continuously working to better our product line and therefore increase the profitability for our customers. Supplying superior equipment and service to our customers has significantly grown our company in popularity and size. We will not be complacent; we continuously strive to satisfy our customers, making them our most valued sales force!

MoCo completely designs, fabricates, and tests all of our equipment in-house. We do not rely on outside sources to build things such as our control systems or hydraulics.

This allows us to have complete control over quality and performance of our equipment. It also allows us to easily cater any system to the individual needs of the customer.

Specializing primarily in stacker systems and related items enables us to have a greater knowledge base of these systems than some of our competitors who attempt to supply many varying products. We want to be known as the people you go to when you are looking for the best lumber handling systems.

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